Our Vision for Fighting Preventable Blindness
Macular degeneration. Glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy. These are among the diseases that are causing 61 million Americans – more than the populations of California and Florida combined – to be at risk for severe vision loss and blindness. The need to confront preventable blindness is critical.
Does A Trump Administration Equal Status Quo for Drug Pricing? Think Again. . With the election of Donald Trump as our next President, is the focus off drug prices? Will things go back to business as usual? Will changes to the Affordable Care Act, the economy, jobs and immigration consume all of the political oxygen in...
Our Commitment to Eye Care Innovation, Awareness and Education. Addressing the challenges of eye health has never been more important. Innovation, education and awareness are all key parts of the effort.  On this World Sight Day, Allergan recommits itself to its leadership role in this effort.
Our Social Contract with Patients. The health care industry has had a long-standing unwritten social contract with patients, physicians, policy makers and the public at large. Now is the time to take action to spell out what this social contract means to me.  By doing so,...
The Value of Vacation. Many of us find it hard to break away from work. Even when we take a vacation, we are attached to our iPhones, laptops and conference call lines. It means that the time away is really only time away from the office, not the work. What matters...
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