Clinical Trial results sharing

Clinical Trial results sharing

Allergan recognizes the importance of informing the public about the results of its interventional clinical trials for innovative compounds, regardless of the outcome.  Knowing the results of these trials enables both patients and their healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions regarding treatment risks and benefits. 

We make the results of our clinical trials publicly available through peer-reviewed publications, posting of results on the Clinicaltrials.gov, EudraCT and other online public databases. The search engine offered by the WHO collects registry information from multiple databases and thus provides an overview on information about worldwide pharmaceutical research published in leading Clinical Trial Registries.

Learn more about the results of Allergan-conducted trials.

Learn more about the results of Forest Research Institute, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allergan (hereinafter “Forest”) - conducted trials.

If you have a specific inquiry regarding Allergan’s clinical trial disclosure activities or Medical Information, please call 1-(800) 433-8871 and select the appropriate option.