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Listening to doctors and addressing patients' needs

Since Allergan's inception, bringing the best of medicine to the forefront of patient care has always entailed a commitment to interaction and involvement: Listening to doctors and addressing patients' needs. We work diligently to make sure we are providing the tools and channels to keep the conversation as dynamic and direct as possible.

Underlying our commitment is a drive to help medical specialists improve patient outcomes. We pursue this goal through ongoing training about our products, hand-on workshops by experts to stimulate scientific exchange and sharing of best practices, and support for medical education and ongoing studies.

The ALLERGAN ACADEMY™ education programs, for example, offer a forum for peer-to-peer discussion and a comprehensive curriculum in-person and via the Web for plastic surgeons to learn more about our breast aesthetic portfolio.

The ALLERGAN ACADEMY™ education programs also facilitate the Allergan Physician Certification Program, which grants surgeons access to the NATRELLE™ Collection of saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants upon completion.

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Education in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery for Plastic Surgeons.